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  • to provide heat exchange systems and equipment that is reliable, user friendly, of high quality, and at competitive prices
  • to strive for sustainable business growth 


  • to become a global provider for energy saving and alternative energy equipment and solutions

IES Engineering (Macau) Limited was established in 2005, providing heat exchange automation equipment system and product ranging from Heat Transfer Compact Unit, Plate Heat Exchanger, Storage Type Water heater, Energy Meter, Boiler to Solar Collectors. We also provide design, production, installation and maintenance services. To make sure our clients are confident with our products, a long-term maintenance service team was founded in 2007 to provide better and more efficient services. In addition, environmental protection is a critical issue in the current economic development. In order to meet the rapidly changing and diversified market, in particular the needs of our clients, we strive to consider from our client’s perspective when designing our products to satisfy the economical, practical and environmentally friendly aspect of the client’s operation. We also provide high standard and comprehensive after-sales service to guarantee that our customers are satisfied with the products.